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Using the power of the bearded family (Beardos, Whiskerinas & those who love them) to support charitable causes and positively impact our communities.

The Mad Viking Maryland Delaware Beard Club (MVMDDEBC) is an official chapter under the Mad Viking Beard and Mustache Club. The MVMDDEBC was founded in January of 2017 to begin our first step towards world domination. Since the beginning we have focused on brotherhood, family, community, strength, unity, and charity, and we've only grown stronger as a HORDE because of it. Thanks to everyone's hard work, dedication, and devotion to MAD VIKING BEARD & MUSTACHE CLUB, we have together built a GLOBAL FAMILY like no other. Together we have shown both the bearded community and the outside world that we are here to help, contribute and build lasting relationships around the world and within our local communities.

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